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Bulk Voice Calls-How it Works

Voice Call Features

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel (Powered by HTML 5, JQUERY & AJAX)
  • In Built Mobile Database* & Random Number Generator Tool
  • Real-time DND Scrubbing & Re-credit
  • Option to Remove Duplicate Number(s) from your Campaign
  • Option to Include or Exclude any number(s) from your Campaign.
  • 3 Options available to input numbers (Copy & Paste, CSV or TXT Upload & Select from Contacts)

Sound Files

  • We have many options to upload or record your sound files
  • Upload MP3 or WAV Options
  • Call & Record Your Voice from your registered Mobile Number

Call Routing Mechanism & MIS Reports

  • Robust call routing mechanism with automatic retry option to ensure all your call are answered.
  • 1000+ Channels allows you to make more Concurrent Calls
  • 100% Transparent & Genuine Reports as how we are getting from our corresponding Telecom Operators (No Call Dropping OR Fake Reports)
  • Quick Call Reports on the screen with Refresh Option (no need to download Data)
  • Searchable & Detailed Call Reports to find the calls status of a particular number.
  • Pay only for Answered Calls
  • Export Complete Report to CSV Sheet

Call Scheduling

Industry First Unlimited Scheduling Option allows you to schedule calls to any date and Time*


Our Unique and most useful option – You can Save any Voice Calls as Campaign by giving a Name, This campaign can be started later by just a Click OR an SMS

  • Start Campaign with a Click
  • Start Campaign by Sending an SMS from your registered Mobile Number
  • Get Campaign Report as SMS

API & Third Party Software’s

Our Robust & Powerful API’s enables you to trigger voice calls from your Application or Software’s

Compatible with all Development Platforms (PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA, C , C++, VB)

  • FTP Upload
  • Database Drop
  • Custom Solutions

Below are the Premium Services which is not covered under the Standard Solution

Dynamic Calling with IVR & Text to Speech (TTS)

Broadcast your voice calls with Simple and Complex IVR to capture the responses from your Customers/Audience

  • Online Survey & Feedbacks (IVR)
  • Capturing Customer Feedbacks & Suggestions (Call Recording Option)
  • Dynamic Calling from your Database or Excel Sheet (TTS)
  • Mobile Number Verification (IVR)
  • Appointment Booking (IVR & TTS)
  • Payment Reminders (TTS)

We also build complete tailored made IVR Applications based on your requirements. For more details please contact 0000 xxxxxxx

Click 2 Call or Call Back Services

Click 2 Call enables you to start a real time telephonic conversation between your Agents & Customers through various options

Click 2 Call or Call Back Service can be used for Sales, Support, Customer Care and can be integrated with your website or application.

Simple & Secure API’s

Option to Upload your own Hold Music Tone or Sound File while transferring call Easy Customization & Integration Compatible with all Development Platforms

You can build powerful interactive applications by combining our other Service API’s like SMS, 2 Way Messaging & Missed Calls, for more details and custom works please contact 0xxxx xxxxxxx

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