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Virtual Number

Virtual Number is a dedicated 10 digit number which is configured at operator end to process huge incoming traffic and widely used for processing huge incoming traffic, all other functionally is same as normal Long Code Number.

Dedicated Virtual Number comes with a fixed monthly rent with unlimited keyword and has many plans. You can choose the right plan based on your incoming traffic. For more details please contact us

SIM Hosting

Working pattern is same as Virtual Number instead of configuring the number at operator end you have to provide us with the any GSM SIM Card, we will host it our end with a fixed minimum monthly rent or yearly.

SIM Hosting is not suitable for handling huge incoming traffic and not a fully dependable solution when compared to Virtual Number but it’s a cost effective, see the below comparison

Virtual Number SIM Hosting
Monthly Rent High Monthly Rent Low
Handles huge incoming traffic ( 200 to 300 messages in a second) Ability to handle maximum 30 messages in a Minute
Call Forwarding Available at extra charges Call forwarding not available
99.99% Dependable 90 – 95% Dependable
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